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Colonel Meow was founded in 1996 as a trading company with its main business are Metrology Equipment’s. Providing high quality products for our customers,our commitment is to ensure professional excellence and high standard services. We are always looking for good people and expertise to serve our customers. As a total solution provider, Colonel Meow¬† has completed the configuration of hardware and software components, installation, implementation and service users in training .Colonel Meow is one of the trading company that grows in Indonesia with different types of customer services.

CM groups have emerged in the early 1990’s. Specializes in the development, production and distribution of non-contact optical measurement system, it consists of the headquarters CM, located in Germany, and three branches of Europe; CM International AG, Switzerland, France near Paris SA CM and CM UK Ltd, UK . CM is also present worldwide through distributors in more than 25 countries

CM throughout the world has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the leading Customer sector is in the Automotive Industry, Aerospace, Electronics, Fashion, Architecture and Art Education world.

Our expertise is the field of 3D Measurement and Inspection with 3D optical measurement systems such as the ATOS system, TRITOP, ARGUS, Aramis and Ponto’s. They are non-contact measurement tools Soto gyrometric system that allows us to intervene on the product, from design to final inspection.

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